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At The Estephan Group we are proud of the partnerships we have formed with these organizations who reflect our values and commitment to excellence.

We offer an advantage to our customers, as we strive to simplify the process of interior renovation through our full service capabilities. At The Estephan Group, we feel that the process of furniture procurement should be reliable, streamlined, and reflect the ever-changing standards of the design industry. We are proud to have partnered with the below brands, who strive to uphold these same values and continue to lead the furniture industry of various market segments with innovative products, and superior customer service. Through their tremendous breadth of lines, we offer products that serve the needs of many different project types and client preferences.

Our established partnerships include: Kimball Office, Kimball Health, Kimball Learning, David Edward, and Etc., as these companies uphold the same values in quality and customer experience that we strive to maintain daily at The Estephan Group. With an expansive selection of products focused on markets including but not limited to: healthcare, corporate workplace, work from home, and education, we feel that these products will satisfy the needs of a variety of interior environments. With growing concern for sanitation and maintaining personal safety, the products of our partners continue to develop to meet the growing demands of the market. Both The Estephan Group and our affiliate partners care for the impact on our environment, as well as our customers’ health, safety, satisfaction, and overall well-being.

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